Meet our friendly staff

Rachael Sheaffer Salla


My father started the company in 1985 so I grew up in this business. In 2010, Scott and I took over the business because we wanted to raise our kids in an entrepreneurial environment like we did growing up. It gives them experience in the business world as they grow up which is invaluable.

Scott Salla

Vice President/Strategic Projects

6 years ago I took over Towaway with my wife Rachael after my previous role as a Global Account Manager with a large technology firm.  I love the wonderful opportunity to work side by side with the owner operators, employees , my wife and foster a family environment for everyone. 

Jeff Pursell

Operations Director

I have been managing customer relationships, driver relationships and coordinating trips since 2000. My job can go from sales, customer service and directing operations. I enjoy working here the most because of the people. I am a Certified Paranormal Investigator.

Jo-Jo Durbin

Senior Operations Assistant/Recruiting

I have been working at Towaway since Sept 8, 2014 and look forward to the future with the company. I work in dispatch and recruiting where I interact with drivers on a daily basis and try to bring new ones into the family. I served 10 Years in the Air Force as an Imagery Analyst.

Ashley Liddick

Staff Accountant

I started with Towaway in August 2015 and I am a jack of all trades in the office. In the office, you will find us laughing at some point; it is always entertaining around here. The atmosphere is awesome, but not as great as swimming with dolphins on my honeymoon.

Rita Germak

Director of Safety

My father drove and opened his own trucking company in the early ‘80s. I worked through his company until I was a Driver Resource Manager. I came back to transportation after years as an LPN. I have my CDL permit and work with Transport for Christ.

Adam Sheaffer

Operations Assistant

I started working for Towaway in 2007. I take the current information about the driver’s location and situation as well as inform the drivers of any changes or issues that might arise. Coordinating the information accurately and timely is my specialty.

Barb Butari

Compliance Officer

I have been at Towaway Express since October of '92. I assist with the hours of service compliance for the drivers to make sure everyone stays safe and compliant. Proud to be the longest tenured employee here at Towaway Express Inc.

J.R. Maroney

Web Master

J.R. hails from, the web development firm supporting Towaway Express as they take over the world.